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Nur Isnaini Wulan Agustin
Awardee of Bidikmisi Scholarship at IAIN SKA/ Mahasiswa Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
Before giving the argument about leader, look at the reality, do leaders always give contribution to this society? Many leaders who sit in the soft chair did not do action. They work for enjoying a cup of tea in the morning then going home happily. Its so different when I see the reality on the street. There are old men who ride the pedicab in all day long. They have not ever had a day dreaming in a second. They work, work and work hard to have better life. They serve their customers sincerely. This life is so terrible because of that thing. Are they the best leaders?
In this era, there are a lot of leaders who just command their job to their members. I can see that some members of parliament who sleep in their office without doing important thing for this nation. They usually come late going to their office. They play social media for their own business and so many waste things which they do. I look this phenomenon in many medias as like in television. They do not take part fully in the government as their job. Whereas they know that their job as a the representative of the government. They are right hand to their society.
I argue that leadership need a good leader who will be the model because the important of their powerful action to organization. This essay aims for knowing the influence of the powerful action by the leaders.
Good leaders are someone who do not only give a command but also do action to the organization. Leaders are someone who will organize well their organization. They make goals in organization to realize it successfully with their members. The members will  work so bad if there is no control from leaders.  I say that organization will be nothing without the leaders who have good leadership. They are the key of the organization. Black or white of organization depend on the leaders who lead, how they lead, and what the leader’s do on it. Leaders have the highest authority in organization. They determine the activities, the roles, the responsibilities and many others. Clear structure in organization will bring the good management. Leaders are the boss who have the rightful authority to make decision for their members. It is why leaders is very important. They are chosen by a group of members. They can not choose by one or two members, because they will manage everything in organization which have many members in their characteristic.
I do appreciate to the leaders who act directly for taking  part fully in organization. They are not angry to the members when they make some mistakes. They will give good advice for the members when they do falseness. They have actively participation in organization.  They do the job with others. They make cooperation with the all element of the organization. Leaders can do this by influencing the members to do the best in organization. The duty of the leaders are giving them motivation, guiding in working process, building morale and spiritual. Those are a several ways that can do by the leaders.
People have opinion that leaders should not a woman. They argue if woman has less in power. I really disagree with the statement. I think gender does not determine the success of the organization. The most important thing is someone who becomes leader can be  a model by giving example to the members. They take part in every action. They do not give command at all. That reason makes me conclude that woman can become leader in organization as man does. She can decide wisely policy. She has heart but she can think logically. She is not different with the man. I say that statement because there are many evidences that have happened in the society. I believed if woman do not left behind the man. As a woman, I want to survive. Now, I am to be leader in the big event in my major. I lead the fairy sale event. I always try to do the best in every single thing that will I do. I ask the motivation or input from the others about what should I do to manage the all members of English Education Department who have different character each others. I participate in every meeting because I have to conduct the committee. I believe in my self that I can do it if I try to do the best by being active participant. I am always be myself that I can do. The powerful action is needed to manage the organization. I do not enough give the commanding for them, but I have to do action. After that, I will get the satisfaction.
I have led the some events in my major also. For example, I led the thesis training which is presented to all students of English Education Department. I have finished my job successfully. In that event, I act to manage the event. I dislike to be silent when I give a job to the members. I  try maximally to make the event as like my organization wants. Hard effort will make something good. Before I give command to others, I give the example to make them higher in motivation. Automatically, the other members will do action more than the leader’s action. The members will imitate the leader’s action for gaining the goals of organization. In the end, all goals can be achieved well.
I have seen the other phenomenon in society that leadership leads by woman. I saw the phenomenon when I was in fourth grade. I had a big project from the lecturer to present a role play. The role play presented individually by each class. The leader of each class was a woman. The result was so good. All of the director led the members of the class well. The project runs smoothly. It is shown that every single person has an ability to lead others. It does not matter what their gender is.
Action is also needed to make the members do what the leader’s want. In active participation from the leader, leader can control directly the role of the members in organization. I do love with the leader who accepts the suggestion from the members. It is shown that they are not egoistic. They know that they come from the common members, so they should listen to the input from the members. I think, the leaders who listen to the input of the members is a true leaders. They want to do as the members want. Understanding and caring each other is the key for the leaders to keep their power in organization.
Good action will success by the self confidence. They know that the decision will follow by the others. Without self confidence, they will not follow by the others. Self confidence is an effective  action of leaders. They will be brave when they have its confidence.
I do love to the leaders who have a calm attitude when doing action. They will not make quicker decision. They will decide everything based on the consideration. They will do something step by step and in a good preparation. I know that it is so hard to do, but I believe that good leaders can do it. When making a decision do not need the instant result. The most important thing is the incredible decision to solve the problem and rich the success.
Loyalty is also needed for doing action. Leader who are loyal in their organization will be respected to the other members, because they do anything for the organization. Actually, they choose more the business importance than an individual importance. It is difficult because sometime the own desire will blind anything.
In my thought, leaders should know the condition of the members before they do an action. They should pay attention to the members who give less motivation. They have to give motivation everyday as possible they do. It makes the members will spirit again. They have to give a reward to the members who do the task well. It is a good appreciation that will make the members do the best for the organization. I think, it is a good method that should do by leaders when they will their action to be successful. Making closer with the members is the strategy for creating a good relation between leaders and members.
Based on my opinion, leaders should take an active participation in making decision. As good leaders do not give command directly, but do together with the other members. The greatest one is leader who want to give the example first to their members. Leader will be nothing without others and the members will not be able to do something without commanding from the leaders. Both of them should have good relationship. Leaders should have the good attitude and members should follow the good attitude from leaders. It is why I say that cooperation each others is the key point in making organization become success. The powerful action by leaders is important thing to make the best organization.

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